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Umberto D.
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Umberto D.

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Comments (6)

Veronica avatar

Heart warming yet tragic all mixed together but worth watching more than once.

Anonymous picture

I saw this some time ago and I will watch it again sometime in the
future....I don't know how today's Italians feel about the Italian neo-
neorealism time period,but the best ones (many by Di Sica) were some
of my favorites...Never been to Italy, but i can relate... Umberto ...Read more

Anonymous picture

One of the most depressing movie I have ever seen. Perhaps the most. 5/5.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

I had a laugh while watching this movie. Here's why. THe first time I watched it (which was VERY long ago) I was on tooth ache medication for my UEI. I interepreted the movie so differently that I was honestly shocked to watch the first ten minutes of it again. I'll have to finish it soon.

Russell avatar

Boy does Mr. De Sica know how to make your soul hurt.

In Umberto D, viewers will find the same precise carpentry of pathos as in his more widely talked about work, Bicycle Thieves. In both films De Sica's attention follows faces we know to be real, in locations anyone might happen ...Read more

Byravan avatar

Heart warming. Those who love dogs and are retired will love this film. Bravo Vittorio De Sica.