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Pather Panchali
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Pather Panchali

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Comments (15)

Anonymous picture

Sublime cinema. Hope, bitterness, innocence, exuberance and heartbreak . . . it's all there. More please.

Anonymous picture

I would love to see all of Satyajit Ray's films on here, including the whole of this trilogy. Thank you for this.

Anonymous picture

Anyone giving this movie less than 5 stars is... I pity the fool.

Anonymous picture

This is the 4K remastered version and the cinematography is startlingly vivid and gorgeous. The story is both uplifting and tragic. A masterpiece with music by Ravi Shankar.

Anonymous picture

Kills your heart with music, visual construction, for struggle of existence, loss of innocence. One of the most powerfully emotional films.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

I've never seen it. Want to. Never have.

Maureen avatar

I've seen 2 of the movies in the trilogy---this one and Aparajito, and they are among the "best" movies I've ever seen. Can't find The World of Apu, though. Such intimacy with the characters and so real!

Anonymous picture

Is this version the remastered edition that Criterion was working on? How great are the subtitles? Thanks.

Anonymous picture

There are many lenses that can be used to view this film--it is a master piece. The simplest things in life seem to make Apu and his sister happy--they had no electricity or TV but yet the children were thrilled to listen to old aunt/grandma tell them stories. The kids were excited to see a ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This is a very sad story that depicts the harsh conditions and dreadful life that one very impoverished Indian family must endure in-order to stay alive..The film depicts the simple pleasures of children and the enormous sacrifices their parents must make to keep them safe.This film ...Read more

Anonymous picture

An absolute masterpiece. The first of the Apu Trilogy, all of which are essential cinema.

Anonymous picture

A film to remember. Satyajit Ray has created art in a seemingly impossible situation. Highly recommended.

Aaron avatar

sad but so so good

Anonymous picture

Beautiful and poignant.

Anonymous picture

A beautiful debut film from master filmmaker, musician, and novelist Satyajit Ray. I cannot recommend Ray's films enough. See as many as you can.