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Let the Right One In
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Anonymous picture

I actually saw this on Hulu, some time ago. It is indeed a great movie, not just a vampire movie. The ending was satisfying, and I agree the young actors were very good.

Anonymous picture

I give this film a five-star rating for sheer originality! It is one of the most original vampire films I have ever seen. Especially remarkable how a child can go from looking like a pubescent girl to an old woman in a snap! God. The bully element was something that more than a few of us ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Loved this film. The book is WAY more grotesque and violent: entirely too much horror just for the sake of horror. The filmmakers could see that, and excised the completely un-needed stuff (which might not have passed the censors anyway). What's with these Swedes??
The American ...Read more

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Anonymous picture

Delicate and bittersweet despite its "horror" premise, this captures perhaps better than most other movies on this theme the absolute sadness and loneliness of the vampire.

Anonymous picture

Just watched the move, I agree. The entire move captures human (and Vampire) loneliness. Only Eli and Oskar are developed and only in a very stark way. The entire movie has a cold and bleak feel.

Anonymous picture

This is a beautiful friendship/vampire story. It is a must watch.

Anonymous picture

Boy Alexandra, you said it.

Lauren avatar

This is my favorite vampire film I've seen yet. The stark landscapes, deliberate pacing and well-written characters made it a joy to experience. The young actors portraying the leads were also fantastic.

Anonymous picture

Far more than just another vampire movie. This film is an intense, dark love story about two strange, lonely twelve year-old kids--though one of them, in her own words, has been twelve for a very long time.
This is a great film.

Anonymous picture

Just excellent.

Anonymous picture

Excited to watch this!

EVAN avatar

One of my all time favorite horror films. The American remake does no justice to the Swedish original.

Anonymous picture

Well written and not-so-spooky vampire movie!

Anonymous picture

Surprisingly good...the girl was a good actress and it was an interesting tale of vampires and love in this modern age.....I do not usually like horror / dark films but this was well written.

Anonymous picture

Berlin Alexanderplatz/1980 German TV