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La Notte
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La Notte

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Comments (6)

Mark M. avatar
Mark M.

an incredible banquet of delicacies: both bitter, and, at times, with refreshing delights, this film could easily have been called "triste".

Anonymous picture

What a fantastic film! A sublime collection of losers. VERY selfish and VERY compassionate. The soundtrack is fabulous.

Brandon  avatar

I like Antonioni's films a lot, but I do have to ask what is with the romantic scenes, namely the bizarre, entirely unnatural kissing?

Anonymous picture

Dreary. The early scene with Jeanne Moreau wandering aimlessly is an apt setup for the rest of the film, which likewise seems to wander aimlessly. In it, we observe the life of a morose couple. Mastroianni's is an unsympathetic character. Moreau's is barely one.

Samuel avatar

Love this film

Anonymous picture

Thank you KANOPY for offering/bringing back so many of these wonderful films !!!