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England Is Mine
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England Is Mine

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James avatar

Strangely, the first half reminded me, in tone, of My Friend Dahmer, also on Kanopy. Different result, though.

Anonymous picture

Good period piece of grubby Manchester. Rachel's review is the most accurate:

Anonymous picture

3.5/5~If you lower your expectations, and are armed with the knowledge that not one Smiths/Morrissey song is on this soundtrack, you may be pleasantly surprised at this pleasant depiction of a slim chapter of Morrissey's life. I do believe this actor has mastered Morrissey's speaking voice ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Two stars for a movie that should have started about where it ended... torturously slow...

Anonymous picture

I'm on the brink of reading Morrissey's AUTOBIOGRAPHY, so I thought it couldn't hurt to watch this not too shabby little film first. I give it three stars because it was nice going back in time, and suffering depressing Manchester, England gladly for 95 minutes.